Aleister Gilgrim

Aleister graduated from Chapman University with a BA in Studio Art. Shortly after graduation he went on to begin his career in not only tattooing, but also in comic books and illustration. He has worked for and published through: SLG, Del Rey, Tokyopop, and Tranzfusion to name a few. He was also an official Disney Illustrator for several years out of the Glendale Campus and Disney Publishing Worldwide where he worked as a lead illustrator, character designer, art director and more.

Aleister has had a very varied career inside and outside of the arts, working for many years in the software development and video game industries for such companies as SK Media Korea, Blizzard and again Disney.

Aleister has recently joined the crew at So Cal Tattoo Tarzana and is quite happy to be deeply involved in the art form he loves.

Aleister loves custom work, bringing the clients’ ideas to life in ways that even they couldn’t imagine.

‘Taking an idea that someone has clearly in their head, but aren’t sure how to communicate it, and bringing that to life, better than they had thought it could be? That’s the best. That’s honestly my favorite part of the process!’

Aleister is also in the process of creating a new series of ‘Nerd’ Tattoo Flash, as well as new paintings for local galleries and fine art shows.

To schedule an appointment or a consult, feel free to contact the shop directly, or email Aleister via his regular email:

You can find him on twitter and instagram under:



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